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Hello, our names are Sara and Emily, and we work in Youth Services at a super busy library branch in Washington state!  We work with kids all the way from little tiny infants through high schoolers.  We love helping kids with homework, recommending books, putting on story times, and coming up with fun programs for all ages of kids and teens!

This blog is an attempt to keep track of the myriad things we do at work, and share ideas with other librarians, the people we serve at the library, and anyone who might benefit.  Working at a library is a collaborative process, and we steal ideas all the time, and wanted to give back to the world!

This is a personal blog that we maintain in our own time, and does not reflect the opinions or views of our employer.

Who Is Sara?
--Graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in English and Theatre
--Graduated AGAIN from the University of Washington with a Masters in Library Science
--Loves anything scary
--Usually puts on Preschool Story Time
--Is now in her sixth year at her first job as a Youth Services Librarian, and can't imagine going anywhere else!

Who Is Emily?
--Graduated from Evergreen State College with a degree in Literature and Education
--Worked with youth at the Boys & Girls club and South Sound Reading Foundation
--Loves anything fluffy and romantic
--Usually puts on Toddler Story Time
--Has worked at the same library system for over 10 years.  She has been (in this order) a Page, Aide, Circulation Assistant, Adult Reference Associate, and finally her dream job: Youth Services Associate.

Why "Fairy Twins"?
After we visited a school a few years ago to get kids excited about the Summer Reading Program, one of our teen volunteers told us this story:

"I was hanging out with my kindergarten buddy outside of school, and we saw you leaving the school after your visit, and waved goodbye.  I told her that I knew you guys from the library, and she looked at me in awe and said, "You know the fairies?"  I asked her what she meant, and she responded, "Only fairies have magic hair."

From then on, we've called ourselves the Fairy Twins jokingly, and even did opening book talks for Harry & The Potters under the name "Fairy Twins Book Time" at a local all ages club.  We've also published a zine under this name -- and when we needed a name for our blog it was a no-brainer :)

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