Wednesday, May 11, 2016

SRP 2016 Hype Display: Name Our Game!

Summer Reading is almost here! AAAGGHHHHHH! Are you ready? We are, totally. Suuure. Soooooo ready. :side eye emoji:

Fortunately, the schools in our area don't get out until later in June, so we have a little time. In an effort to drum up some early buzz for "On Your Mark, Get Set, READ!", I threw together a little interactive May Madness sort of book display. Two activities are pitted against each other at a time, and kids can vote for which one they think is more fun by putting a pom pom in the jar of their choice. When the pom pom supply is depleted, or the jars are full, we count the poms and crown a winner, updating the bracket accordingly.

Because this has been so popular, with the jars filling up so fast, we are going to expand it to a sweet 16 bracket after a winner from this set is named. Sweet 16?? I think that's what it called? Sara came up with that, and I don't really know sport things.

Oh and I mostly just raided the 796 shelves of Juvenile Nonfiction, but there are a bunch of picture books and sports fiction books in there, too.

Anyway, fun easy interactive SRP display! Good luck and have fun out there!!

<3, Emily


  1. From one Emily to another:

    Thank you for this awesome idea! It's my first time planning the SRP on my own and I'm kind of freaking out... but this would be a great way to build momentum for it! Thanks again!

    1. Oh man, I don't know what I would do without my two fab coworkers to plan SRP with-- good luck! You can do it!!