Friday, November 4, 2016

Trucks Preschool Storytime

Trucks are always a popular storytime theme. It's always so amazing to me how many of the kids know all the various names for different kind of trucks. I love showing them a picture and hearing a chorus of, "IT'S AN EXCAVATOR!" I didn't know it was an excavator. HOW DID YOU KNOW, CHILDREN?

Opening Song: Open Them Shut Them (click on the link for a video of how I do it).

Opening Rhyme: Cool Cat

In an attempt to keep learning names, I decided to try starting with this song again!

Opening Activity: We pulled the felt letters that spell the word "TRUCKS" out of my magical pencil box and put them up on the flannel board, sounding them out as we go!

Book #1: Bulldozer's Big Day by Candace Fleming and Eric Rohmann

This book is ADORABLE. Perfect amount of text, just the right amount of story. We acted out all of the actions the trucks were doing ("digging digging digging", "lifting lifting lifting"), and were appropriately sad when we realized that none of the other trucks realized it was Bulldozer's birthday. Super cute reveal at the end too. PERFECT for preschool storytime.

Action Song: Go, Slow, Stop

 Before turning on the music, I had the kids practice going fast, slow, and stopping. I held up a GREEN scarf when I wanted them to go fast, a YELLOW scarf when we were going slow, and a RED scarf for stop. After we practiced this a few times, I turned on Laurie Berkner's "Fast and Slow", and we danced fast, slow, and stopped depending on what the music was doing and which scarf I was holding up. Here's the song we used (warning: you will NEVER GET IT OUT OF YOUR HEAD)!

Book #2: The Mixed-Up Truck by Stephen Savage

I LOVED this book. So little text, lots of repetition, adorable bright bold picture. REALLY great for the ECRR2 practice, "READING". Each time the truck attempts to mix cement, we "read" together the word on the building to see if the cement truck was mixing the right thing. I'd ask questions like, "Hmm...does this word start with the right letter to spell CEMENT"?

Action Rhyme: Hurry Hurry Drive the Firetruck

Book #3: Old MacDonald Had a Truck by Steve Goetz and Eda Kaban

I love books you can sing! Even better when it's a song that everyone already knows the tune for, with some fun added twists. I love that each "E-I-E-I ______" matches the truck it's about -- for example "E-I-E-I SLOW!" for the steamroller! It's clever and fun, and I love that preschoolers know more about trucks than I do and can call out what each type of truck is called before I even say it.

Goodbye Song:

I am switching up my goodbye song this year! They LOVE it. I may never go back.

See ya later alligator,
In awhile, crocodile!
Give a hug ladybug,
Blow a kiss jellyfish.


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